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Morrison's was born inside a mason jar. 


The story begins way before recently, back in the olden days of 1992 at a restaurant called Graffiti. Lori and Artie (my mom and dad) opened it up with the goal of providing Woodbury (and neighbors) with some inventive, fresh food in a cheerful setting. I, being a typical owner's child, provided such services as waiting tables, eating for free, hostessing, whining, and having crushes on chefs. Over the years, our family grew to include the many regular customers who called Graffiti "home." 


Many years later, I married Harry, a chef (did you really not see that coming?) in a barn outside of New Paltz. Wedding planning involved local vendors, craft paper, and a WHOLE LOT of mason jars. The seeds for Morrison's had been planted. We cultivated the concept over time in the forms of playlists, Pinterest boards, sample menus and research trips to gastropubs in Florida, Napa & Austin. 


The name Morrison's was selected by my brother, a fan of 70s singer/songwriters, which we eventually picked out of a hat during a family dinner after months of indecision. My dad, a true visionary and major force in Long Island dining over the past 20 years, designed and constructed the warm, rustic interior with recycled materials and true artistry. 


The result is our wedding, only with more tables.  Morrison's is a cheeky little local joint, not unlike our Graffiti roots - a real home base for the neighborhood. The bar pours small batch liquors, a petite wine list, and craft beers, many of them locally produced. Harry and the talented kitchen staff prepare farm-fresh comfort food inspired by regions all across America, and maybe a little from our own family tree. Our focus is on hospitality and happiness. I continue to wait tables, eat for free, hostess, whine, and have a crush on a chef. Talk about a full circle. 


Morrison's was built for family, by family; and we invite you to be a part of ours. 


See you at the table! 


~ Shelby, Lori, Artie & Harry. 

about us. 

what's a gastropub, anyway?

Our definition: Unpretentious American

food that pairs well with craft beer

and small batch spirits.


The word gastropub was coined in the

1990s in London, derived from the

French word "gastronomique," which

means the study of food, and the British term for a public house, or "pub." A gastropub specializes in high quality food, several steps above the usual "pub grub." A gastropub is pretty much an anti-restaurant - some of the best food in town without the formal, stuffy atmosphere.



INFORMATION that we apparently need to have here. Small business life. what can we say?

For support: please contact or call 516-582-3876.

Privacy Policy: All correspondence and credit card information is encrypted and confidential.

Fulfillment policy:

All orders placed via are for pickup at 430 Woodbury Road, Plaivniew. If you are unhappy with your order please contact us (see above). We love ourselves a happy customer!




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